Sudzee Options

Eezee Laundry

Best Value

As Low As $34.99 Max, (fixed price)

Whites and colors washed separately

Reduced Heat Dry

Sorted and Matched

Price based on normal service area

Occasional User

As Low as $1.72/lb

Infrequent laundry service user

Choose any wash option

(Sudzee Bag Maximum Price $69.09 (40+lbs))

​Price based on  normal service area

Dry Clean and Wash & Press

25% discount for Regular (Express) Customers 

Customize Your Service

As Low As $0.97/lb

Choose any wash option

Regular Express Customer

Most Popular

As Low as $1.29/lbs

Whites and colors washed separately

Standard Heat Dry

Folded Separately

Price based on normal service area

One Time User

As Low As $2.63/lb for 25lbs and up

Wash & Fold Laundry Service

Per visit home delivery additional fee

​PROMO: Get $45 service credit when you upgrade to Regular or occasional user within 45 days

Price based on normal service area