Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Sudzee Bag?

Request your Sudzee bag by phonetext or email.  You don’t even need to be at home to receive it.  Sudzee can secure the bag outside your door and then text you to confirm delivery.  Use your self-selected 4-digit combination to unlock your bag and viola…now you have your own Sudzee bag.

Or, Sudzee can personally deliver it to you at your home or business location.

If you need a Sudzee door clasp for locking the bag right at your door, it is best for us to deliver it to your home.  Installation takes about 1 minute.  No special tools are required, so you can install if yourself if you prefer for Sudzee to mail it to you.

Please remember that a 100% refundable deposit will be requested for each bag or door clasp.  The 100% refundable bag deposit for a Sudzee security bag ranges from $25 to $125 for Sudzee's High Secure Bag.  Click here to see the available Sudzee Secure Bag options. It takes 4-6 weeks to process refunds.  Non-security bags are available for $0 security deposit. 

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Returning Sudzee Bag or Door Clasp:  How do I get my equipment deposit back?

Return your Sudzee bag(s) by securing it at your normal delivery location.  We will pick it up and credit you for 100% of the deposit to which you are entitled.  Please allow 4-6 weeks to process refunds.  If you are also returning a Sudzee door clasp, please place the clasp inside the bag you are returning.  If you are only returning a Sudzee door clasp, place it in the Laundry Drop box at our retail location or call us and we will pick it up. There may be a fee if you choose to have home pickup service.

Please remember it is important for us to receive the equipment in the best condition possible.  Sudzee thanks you for being a responsible custodian of each bag and hook that is placed in your care.  Thank You!

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Service Deposit Refund: I registered as a 'Regular Customer' but changed to an 'Occasional' user.  How do I get my Service Deposit back?

The refundable Service Deposit will be processed as soon as you cancel your 'Regular Customer' status.  Regular customer discounts including free/discounted delivery is applied to your first two services, even though the discounts become valid from your third service.  Often times it is a better deal to complete a third service before switching/canceling your 'Regular Customer' status.

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Is my laundry safe?

Absolutely!  The Sudzee bag is specifically designed for security.  It is encased in a flexible steel shell and includes a high-security lock. Sudzee bags are also lightweight and flexible so you can roll it up and store it away if you’d like. 
The 4 digit lock has 10,000 possible combinations so no one is likely to ever guess the code.  It is actually easier to steal some cars than it is to steal a Sudzee bag.  Only you and Sudzee know your Sudzee lock code.  
On occasion, you may want to let your roommate use your bag or you may ask someone to get your laundry on your behalf.  If you share your lock code and later want to choose a new code, Suzdee can change your self-selected lock code as frequently as you want.  Just go to to request a change.

You can even use your Sudzee bag at your ski cabin or when traveling.  Leave your stuff unattended without worrying about anyone tampering with your stuff.  This way you don't need to lug your stuff back and forth just to ensure its security.

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I don't want to carry my delivery to you, so where do I put it?

Place your locked Sudzee Security bag(s) outside your front door. Lock it to your Sudzee door clasp or lock it to a permanent fixture, like a handrail.  Then notify us by phone, text or email. 

You don’t have to be home or wait for a delivery/pickup person AND you can rest assured that your delivery is safe.

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Must I wait for a delivery person? more missed deliveries and no more waiting for a delivery person.  Simply notify Sudzee by text, web, or phone AFTER securing your Sudzee bag outside your door and we will promptly come to pickup. 
Sudzee will text or email when we pick up and drop off your delivery.

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You don't require minimum order quantities, do you? (No Minimums)

Hooray…Sudzee does not impose minimums.  Sudzee is the only provider we know who will pick up, wash, and return one sock if you want. 

Sudzee feels that imposing minimum order quantities is a bit tacky and unfair to you... this is why Sudzee does not impose minimum order quantities.  Please remember that our best wash & fold prices start from 26 pounds. Our best rates for wash & press or dry-cleaned items start when you have at least $15 of items needing service.  (please refer to our pricing web page for more information).

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How quickly will you return my stuff?

If you require GUARANTEED same day service, Sudzee can do that for you. Just request 'Expedite Service' and receive confirmation and you can rest assured that your items will be returned cleaned by the time requested.

With Sudzee standard, non-expedite service, your clothes will be returned to your front door sparkling clean very quickly…sometimes quicker than it takes you to do it yourself.  Sudzee tries its best to get wash & fold picked up and returned the same day.  This is usually possible when you place items out for pickup and request service by 8am.  Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee to return wash & fold within the same day, unless 'expedite' is requested and confirmed.  Dry clean orders usually take 72 hours. 

Please keep in mind that we usually have reduced staffing on the weekends, so turnaround time may be longer on weekends or holidays. 

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Same Day Service Available?  Absolutely!

YES! If you notify Sudzee by 8am, we can usually have your laundry order cleaned returned on the same day.  

If you require GUARANTEED same day pickup & return, this is available via the 'expedite my order' service. Contact us via normal means (phone/tex/web) to receive confirmation.  An expedite fee of approximately $15 is required.  Even with the Expedite fee, Sudzee is still a rockin' deal. 

Expedited service on weekends and holidays is usually limited and sometimes not available.

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Combined Laundry & Dry Clean Deliveries:  Do you return them at the same time?

If you have Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Sudzee will return both at the same time.  This usually means that your Laundry will be returned within 72 hours rather than the typical 12 to 24 hours. 

If you want your Laundry to be returned as soon as it is done, even though it may mean more than one return delivery, Sudzee will do this if requested. 

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Special Delivery Instructions:  Can you accept special delivery instructions?

Yes.  If special arrangements have been made with Sudzee, we can delay the return of your delivery for up to 3 days. We can also put your delivery in the locker at one of our retail locations for you to retrieve at your convenience.

Sudzee can also return your items to a different location as long as the location is within our service area.   (see the home page for more detail).

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Service Area :  Do you delivery anywhere in the Bay Area?

Our current service area covers most of San Francisco.  Click here to see our current delivery area.

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Service Guarantee:  Do you have a guarantee?

Our guarantee is that Sudzee will ‘WOW YOU’ not just satisfy you.  If you are ever unhappy about any aspect of your Sudzee experience, we will do whatever reasonably possible for you to feel that special 'Wow, that was great' service that we want you to experience on every service interaction…Always!

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Overflowing Bags:  What if my laundry does not fit in one Sudzee bag?

Call or text and Sudzee will deliver and secure an additional bag(s) at your delivery location.  You don’t even need to be home to receive the extra bag.  Best of all, you can use the same self-selected lock combination for all your Sudzee bags. If you don’t want an additional bag, simply send out the ‘overflow’ portion when you get your Sudzee bag back. 

Unless you tell Sudzee otherwise, Sudzee may return 'overflow' items in a separate Sudzee Bag.  You will be charged the 100% refundable bag deposit, but you will get the full deposit back after returning the bag in good condition.

For maximum convenience, the Sudzee bag can be used as a hamper, so when it is full, simply call us for a pickup

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Cleaning Preferences: How do I let you know about my preferences?

Everyone has their personal preferences….and they often times change.  Simply put a note in your bag when you send your item for cleaning specifying your preferences /changes. 

You may also change your personal preferences by visiting

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Garment Care Labels:  Do you read labels before washing my clothes?

Sudzee Supreme is our premium wash & fold service.  With Sudzee Supreme all garment care labels will be followed.  You can even have your items air dried when required.

The Fluff&Sort, Wash&Fold and Stack&Pack laundry service options are designed to be lowest-cost-possible options for you.  As such, garment care labels are not considered.  High heat dry is the standard option for the Wash&Fold and Stack&Pack, whereas Medium Heat dry is standard for Fluff&Sort.  Low heat or air/hang dry is available upon request for any laundry option for an extra charge.

Here’s an idea…Use Stack & Pack for your t-shirts & jeans and Sudzee Supreme for your special items like sweaters and lace.

Please keep in mind that separating your laundry with different wash/dry instructions will likely cause one or all of the packages to be less than 25 pounds, and as such not able to take advantage of the 'full-Sudzee-bag' volume discount.  You will still get Sudzee's great pricing, but not the 'rock-bottom per-pound' price. Please remember that you have access to the best pricing in all of San Francisco for home-delivered, professionally washed laundry when you send in a full bag.  (please refer to our pricing page for more information).

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Air or hang Dry Available?  I don’t want my clothes to shrink, can you wash them in cold and dry with no heat?

YES...!  The default dry heat for Sudzee Supreme is low heat.  Air/hang dry is available upon request for a fee with any of Sudzee's laundry options.

You can have your whole laundry package done according to Sudzee Supreme OR separate and mark your special items “Special Care” with special instructions.  Your Special Care items will be washed according to your specific instructions.

Please keep in mind that separating your laundry with different wash/dry instructions will likely cause one or all of the packages to be less than 25 pounds, and as such not able to take advantage of the 'full-Sudzee-bag' volume discount.  You will still get Sudzee's great pricing, but not the 'rock-bottom per-pound' price. Please remember that you have access to the best pricing in all of San Francisco for home-delivered, professionally washed laundry when you send in a full bag.  (please refer to our pricing page for more information).

Please remember, 'Special care' may delay the return of your laundry by a day or 2.

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Damaged Laundry Items:  What if I accidentally put a wool sweater my laundry bag? 

If you select Sudzee Supreme and we do not follow the Garment Care instruction or your specific instructions, Sudzee will reimburse you for the damage.  (see for reimbursement details)

The  Fluff& Sort, Wash&Fold, and Stack&Pack laundry service levels are designed to minimize your price.  As such, we do not read Garment Care labels for these laundry options.  If by chance we do see an item that we feel should receive special care, we will remove it from the wash or dry cycle and will contact you for wash instructions. 

We regretfully must inform you that customers are responsible for any damage done to any item that is damaged due to the laundry service level or specific instructions requested by the customer.  The laundry wash and dry procedures for each laundry service option is posted on our website.

If your item is damaged due to our mistake, we will reimburse you. Reimbursement details are posted on the Term & Conditions section of our website.

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Weighing My Laundry: How much does my laundry weigh?

The average order is approximately 30 to 45 pounds.  A full medium-sized hamper can contain about 45 pounds when the items are packed into the hamper .  An active single person has about 30 to 45 pounds of laundry every two weeks.....with Sudzee Stack&Pack, you could get home-delivered laundry for a maximum price of $35, even if you put 50 pound of laundry in the zipped container of the Sudzee bag.  What an amazing deal!

If you have a scale at home, you can weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your laundry and the difference is the approximate weight.

Sudzee uses weighing scales that are approved by the State’s Weights & Measures Department.  We weigh your laundry as our last step, so you do not get charged if you send wet laundry to us.

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Full-bag Pricing:  How do you determine full-bag prices? 

When you send in a full Sudzee bag, Sudzee essentially gives you about 15 pounds of free laundry service...that is why using a Sudzee bag is such a great deal!  

One Sudzee laundry bag holds approximately 2-weeks of laundry; about 40 pounds.  If you send a full bag, you will never pay more than the maximum price posted for a full bag.  That is right, you could send 50 pounds inside the zipped compartment and you would not be charged a penny more than than the maximum price.

If you request different clean/dry instructions for a portion of the bag contents, each set of contents that have separate dry/clean instructions will be treated as a separate bag for pricing purposes.  Deliveries containing different wash/dry instructions usually cause each package to be less than 25 pounds, and as such do not receive the full-bag price.

Please keep in mind that we must be able to close the Sudzee bag without breaking it.  Any item not inside the zipped part of the bag will be considered a separate order.  Separate orders that are less than a full bag will still receive a great price, but will not receive the 'rock-bottom per-pound' price available when sending in a full bag.

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Full-bag Pricing when I have more than Sudzee 1 bag:  How do you determine full-bag price if I send out two or more bags 

Sudzee wants you to get the best possible price and will select the pricing that is most advantageous to you.

If the total laundry in all bags is 40 pounds or more and shares the same wash/fold instructions, you will be charged Sudzee's rock-bottom full-bag per pound price.  This is the per pound price listed on our pricing page for the >40 pounds inside zipper price.

If you request different clean/dry instructions for a portion of the bag contents, each set of contents that have separate dry/clean instructions will be treated as a separate bag for pricing purposes.  If each separate package is 25 pounds or more, you will receive the full bag volume discount price.

We must be able to close the Sudzee bag without breaking it.  Any item not inside the zipped part of the bag will be considered a separate order.  Separate orders that are less than 25 pounds miss out on our best pricing because our best prices start from 40 pounds.

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Pricing:  Your website says $0.92/lb for Stack & Pack but my receipt shows $1.75/lbs.  Why? 

Sudzee will pick up a single sock, wash it, dry it, pack it and return it back to your front door.  We will charge the 1 pound rate, BUT we will never do what other laundries do....we will never force a minimum on you AND we will NEVER over-charge you.  For example, we will never charge you for 10 pounds if you have only 5 pounds…Hooray for Sudzee!

Sudzee’s lowest-possible, rock-bottom rate is available when you have a full bag.  Packages smaller than 26 are less expensive than a full bag, but the per-pound rate will be higher because you are not receiving the full-bag volume discount.  Rates for packages less than 26lbs are posted on the pricing web page. 

How do I get the 'Regular Customer' discount?

'Regular Customers' provide a 100% refundable Service Deposit in exchange for a 25% discount off all Sudzee service.  This is by far the best deal around for home-delivered, professionally cleaned laundry.....and best of all you get Sudzee's Hassle Free Delivery service where you never need to wait for a delivery person ever again.

Regular Customers can get the refundable Service Deposit returned after ending service or changing status to 'Occasional' user.

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What is Your Least Expensive Option?  I just want my clothes washed & dried as inexpensively as possible.

Stack&Pack is the most affordable laundry option.  With Stack&Pack, you get professionally cleaned laundry. Your clothes are washed in cold water and dried with normal high heat.  We smooth out wrinkles then fold them together before we pack them in the bag.  Socks are not folded or sorted.

This is a great option for anyone who wants to save money, but still receive professionally cleaned laundry.  In fact, you may find that Sudzee can do your laundry less expensively than you can do it on your own.

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Payment:  How do I pay for my orders?

The most convenient way is to supply your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover payment information when you sign up.  

Sudzee uses the most secure payment procedures possible so that your payment information is kept secure and out of reach from any hackers.

We will charge the card on file upon completion of your cleaning, and an itemized receipt will be emailed to you.  Receipts can be mailed if desired.

Please keep in mind that your Sudzee bag is yours.  You are responsible for paying for all service provided via your bag.  Allowing your Sudzee bag to be used by someone else is OK, but your account will be charged for the service unless arrangements are made prior to the charge being made.   This is because the bag registration and payment details are associated with your unique bag number.

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Gift Cards and Alternative Payment Options:  

You can gift Sudzee to family and friends here.

For your convenience, Sudzee accepts payment via Visa, Master Card or Debit Cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo.  

Sudzee accepts cash payments at our retail window location during our window hours.  See home page for window hours. You can deposit money on account and/or purchase a gift card if you want to pay via cash AND enjoy the convenience of Sudzee's hassle-free home delivery.

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Bag Repairs:  The zipper of my Sudzee bag broke.  How do I get it fixed?

If the zipper broke because of a manufacturing defect, Sudzee will fix it…no questions asked.  We may even give you a replacement bag.

If we determine that a bag is being abused or not being taken care of per the Customer Agreement Terms & Conditions, Sudzee may charge for the bag repair before the repair is performed.  We may also suggest  terminating your service.

Please remember, Sudzee can provide additional bags if you’d like.  If you have two or more bags that can be washed together and share the same wash/dry instructions, you will be eligible for Sudzee’s lowest-possible, rock bottom per-pound pricing, even if one or all of the bags is not completely full. You can return any extra bag to receive your equipment/bag deposit.

For maximum convenience, use the Sudzee bag as a hamper.  When it gets full simply close it and secure it outside your front door.   Notify Sudzee and we will pick it up.

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Building Access:  I cannot give you access to my building, can I still use your service?

Yes.  Your Sudzee bag can be secured to a Sudzee door clasp or any fixed structure, like a hand rail.  The most common solution for buildings with a locked-main-entry door is to place the bag out of the way of traffic flow and securing it to a handrail.

If this is not possible, you also can leave your Sudzee bag at the laundromat. Best of all, with your Sudzee bag you never have to worry about full lockers.

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Unclaimed Item?  Can I leave my stuff in a Sudzee locker?

Sudzee lockers are available at participating locations where you can drop off and pick up your laundry and Dry Cleaning…without having to deal with service personnel.

Sudzee lockers are intended for use by Sudzee customers only.  Items in a Sudzee locker that are not properly tagged or destined for Sudzee services will be removed and donated to charity.  (see Terms & Conditions for more information regarding unclaimed items)

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No Shows:  I’m a Regular Customer with a Sudzee bag but I was charged a ‘missed-delivery’ fee? 

Sudzee wants to keep your costs low.  Making more than one delivery attempt per delivery increases costs significantly.  Therefore, to keep prices low for everyone, we must charge a missed-delivery fee if your delivery is not available at time of pick up OR your Sudzee door clasp is not available for securing your Sudzee bag.

With a Sudzee bag, we kindly request that you call/text/email us for pickup AFTER you have secured your bag and made it available for pickup.  If the bag is not available for pickup when we arrive, we will need to charge a missed-delivery fee. 

You can change or cancel your delivery request by calling, texting or via the online delivery request webpage.  If we receive your cancellation before we set out for your location, we will gladly forego the missed-delivery fee.

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Cancelling Orders:  How do I change or cancel an order online?

You can change or cancel an order with a call, text, email or online form. 

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Contact Info: How do I contact you?

For immediate help, a courteous Sudzee Customer Service representative is available to assist you at:

                     Telephone/Text:         (415) 997-8393

If you don’t reach us on your first call, don’t worry.  During business hours Sudzee usually responds within 5 minutes of receiving your message.

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