We know that it feels like the world is in limbo with Kids’ school closed, businesses closed, shelter-in-place orders. With so many things to worry about, we hope to provide one measure of comfort and stability

We will continue to monitor and implement local Health Department and CDC guidance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

We do have a few requests from our customers:

Self-sort : Please sort your clothes (whites and colors) and put them in separate plastic bags before putting in the Sudzee bag. This helps decrease ‘personal contact’ as we can place each bag directly into their own machines. If you are a Stack & Pack customer, then no sorting is necessary.

Supreme service / Dry Cleaning service suspended : During this time, there will be no supreme service or dry cleaning services as we are trying to limit the amount of ‘personal contact’ on laundry items.

Evening Pickup/deliveries : All pickups and deliveries will be completed in the evenings. Requests received in the morning will be picked up in the evenings.

Keyless Pickup/deliveries : We kindly ask to lock bags outside your gates/buildings. We will text you before we arrive so your bags will not be left outside for a long period of time.

Next Day Service : During this period, our normal ‘same day return service’ will be difficult to provide, so please allow an extra day for your cleaned items to be returned to you. The extra processing time is needed to provide the extra care that our enhanced cleaning process requires.