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Dry Cleaning & Laundry ‚ÄčDelivered

"Today, I put out my laundry bag before I went to work at 9:30.

... received it back the same day at 7:30. That (is) amazing. .."

... Kat W.

"Sudzee offers a wonderful wash and fold service. It's the easiest, cheapest option for lazy people to do laundry ..."

... Erin R.

Fresh.  Best.  Clean.  Always.

When we say  
Same day service
we mean
 the SAME DAY   
NOT 24hrs later...

Laundry Service and Dry Cleaner in San Francisco

"This is a busy girl's dream.  ... it's door to door service without you needing to be home for the pick up or delivery.  Whooohooo!"  

... Ashley T.